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NEDEG Equipment Gallery

A compillation of historical and vintage diving gear from around the globe!

The gear shown on this gallery has been used at NEDEG events over the past 20 years.


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NEDEG's Equipment Gallery

NEDEG's pictoral listing of some of the gear used at the Rallies over the years

Note: all gear is personally owned, and not all listings will have photos

::: Heavy Diving Helmets & Suits :::

Mark V Helmet and Dress

Mark V helmet and suit

Mark 12 helmet and Dress

MK12 helmet and suit

AH-2 helmet and Aquala Drysuit

AH2 and Aquala suit

Mark V helmets (tinned)

Mark V tinned helmet

Russian 3 Bolt Helmet and Dress

Russian 3 Bolt helmet and suit

Swindell Helmet

Swindell helmet

Custom Scarponi Helmet

Custom Mark V helmet

Chinese Helmet

Chinese helmet

Yokohama Helmet and Dress

Yokohama helmetand suit

Drager Helmet

Drager Helmet


DESCO Pot Helmet

John Date (Montreal)

John Date helmet


::: Lightweight Commercial Diving Helmets & Miscellanious Helmets :::

Superlite 17K

Superlite 17K

Superlite 37

Superlite 37

Gorski (stainless steel)

Gorski stainless steel helmet

Superlite 27

Superlite 27

Desco BEAT Helmet (Deep Sea)

Desco BEAT helmet


Aquadyne helmet

Superlite 17b

Superlite 17b

Superlite 37SS (stainless steel)

Superlite 37SS stainless steel helmet

Early Kirby Morgan Helmet

USD vintage helmet

Snead - shallow water helmet

Air Helmet

Miller (bronze)

Miller metal helmet

"Bubble" helmet

"Bubble" helmet


::: Full Face Masks :::

KMB - Kirby Morgan Bandmask

Kirby Morgan Bandmask

EXO Full Face Mask

EXO masks

AGA / Interspiro / OTS

AGA full face mask

Russian mask (with double hose regulator)

Russian clamshel helmet and double hose regulator

Drager - hooded full face mask

Draeger Hood

Ocean Reef

Ocean reef full face mask

Desco "Jack Browne" Mask

DESCO full face mask


Widolf mask

US Divers Full Face Mask

US Divers full face mask

Scott Hydro-Pak






::: Double Hose Regulators / Vintage Accessories :::

US Divers (vintage models)

USD vintage double hose regulator

US Divers MISTRAL (modern)

USD Mistral

Russian Double Hose Regulator

Russian double hose regulator

Nemrod Snark III

Fenzy Horsecollar




::: Diving Suits Gallery (vintage and modern) :::


Viking drysuit

Amron / Nokia

Amron drysuit


Aquala drysuit

Poseidon Unisuit

Poseidon Unisuit

Gates / Hunter

Gates HD drysuit

Scooba Totes / Hydroglove

Totes / Hydroglove drysuit


DUI drysuit

Lightweight NAVY drysuit (for Desco mask)

Lightweight NAVY drysuit for DESCO mask

Drager suit (for Drager hood / mask)

Drager mask and suit


Drager drysuit for Drager helmet

Drager Drysuit

MK12 drysuit and coveralls

MK12 drysuit and coveralls

Loitokari drysuit

Loitokari drysuit


::: Air Supply and Communications Equipment :::

Air Compressors

Air Compressors

Air control station


Air control station

Bailout systems

Bailout tank

Communications boxes

Communications boxes

Video camera systems

Helmet video camera system

Mark V (heavy) umbilical

Mark V umbilical hose

Lightweight Umbilicals



Equipment trailer

NEDEG equipment trailer

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