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We had a great Labor Day Weekend Rally. Thanks to all who helped out and attended.

Camera Icon599 new pictures added to the 2019 Labor Day Rally gallery !!!

The next rally will be planned for the 2020 Memorial Day long weekend

< < < Saturday May 23 - 25, 2020 > > >

( see full event details below )

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NEDEG is saddened

by the passing of

Gene Ritter

on Nov 19, 2018

The North East Diving Equipment Group (NEDEG) is a group of individuals dedicated to preserving, promoting and diving a variety of underwater gear from all around the world.

These include historical gear such as vintage and modern Navy diving helmets, modern lightweight commercial diving helmets, double hose regulators, and other open circuit gear. Learn about the history of diving and the equipment that evolved from the past.

We give a chance for sport scuba divers to actually dive some of the gear you would normally only see on television or old movies!

2012 mermorial Day Rally



NEDEG has a large collection of MODERN and VINTAGE helmet and suit setups

*note: though some attendees are shown diving their own rebreathers, rebreathers are not part of NEDEG diving try-outs. Only open circuit air diving is available for certified divers to try

  • US Navy Mark V and Mk12 setups, Chinese and Russian Helmets and suits...
  • Commercial diving equipment...
  • Vintage double hose regulators (USA and Russian)...
  • Full-face masks from around the world...
  • Surface communications systems, air compressors and various umbilical setups...
  • Weight systems, boots and gloves, and accessories authentic to the gear at hand...

Join NEDEG on one of the "Helmet" Rallies or attend one of the Diving Presentations and learn more about the history of diving, and how you can get to dive with the gear!

NEDEG events have been attended by divers from around the world!


Dive flagThe 27th Annual Labor Day Weekend Rally, 2020

Saturday, May 23 to Monday May 25, 2020

The 27th annual Memorial Day Rally 2020 will be held at: Dutch Springs Adventure Park near Allentown, Pennsylvania. Join NEDEG for a long weekend filled with the excitement and fun of historical diving. A large selection of hardhat and vintage gear will be available for divers to try out.

Superlite diver



( Friday May 22, 2020 ) NEDEG late afternoon setup day

Friday is a great day to get to Dutch Springs early to get settled in, do a few scuba dives, and get ready to DIVE the gear over the long weekend!

NEDEG sets up equipment in the late afternoon, so that everything is ready to go for Saturday morning. Help is always appreciated for this setup day.

tiny dive flagSaturday May 23, 2020: NEDEG diving activities are allowed from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

The park closes at 6 PM, so the last diver put into the water will be at 4:30 PM. Equipment storage starts after the last diver of the day finishes.

tiny dive flagSunday May 24, 2020: NEDEG diving activities are allowed from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

The park closes at 6 PM, so the last diver put into the water will be at 4:30 PM. Equipment storage starts after the last diver of the day finishes.

tiny dive flagMonday May 25, 2020 (Memorial Day Holiday): NEDEG diving activities are allowed from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

The last helmet divers put into the water will be at 3:00 PM. Help is always appreciated for the equipment tear-down and cleanup process.

We would advise bringing your own drysuits / drysuit-liners / wetsuits and personal scuba gear. Any heavy hardhat diving gear is, of course, welcome, as long as it's in safe serviceable condition. We'll have the surface supply air compressor with commercial lightweight umbilicals and an MkV umbilical available. We're expecting a good turnout, so everyone come!

*** Please note: all diving activites are weather, equipment, and water condition dependent.

Where We Dive:  Dutch Springs

Dutch Springs has become a regular venue for the NEDEG Spring and Fall Rallies.

Featuring great visibility and warm water, Dutch Springs is an ideal location for helmet diving demos.

Check out the video clips located within the GALLERY page to see divers at Dutch Springs trying out historical diving for the first time !!


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